Vanguard Hunting

Cutting Edge Products, Made For Your Hunt.

Упоры, сошки и треноги с уникальными возможностями и высоким качеством. Беспрецедентная защита для современных стрелковых луков. Жесткие кейсы для надежной защиты охотничьего и тактического огнестрельного оружия. Впечатляющее точная цветопередача и невероятно комфортное наблюдение. Популярная серия биноклей Spirit была отмечена ведущими экспертами, как идеальное сочетание технических характеристик, дизайна и функциональности. Высокотехнологичные призмы и просветляющее покрытие дают высоко-контрастное, очень четкое и объемное изображение. Водостойкий корпус обеспечивает безупречную работу бинокля в любых, самых экстремальных условиях: дождь, снег, туман. Легкий, эргономичный корпус и большое удаление выходного зрачка, делают наблюдение удобным и комфортным


Outstanding Precision & Accuracy

Vanguard riflescopes are engineered to handle rugged terrain in even the most challenging conditions. With best-in-class image quality, comfortable ergonomics, and robust construction, there's no hunt too demanding for these field tested riflescopes.


World-Class Features & Performance

Whether you’re scanning through nearby brush or glassing a distant open field, Vanguard's binoculars are ideal for any serious hunter.

Spotting Scopes

Superior Focus & Clarity

Vanguard's spotting scopes are an excellent choice for any hunt requiring maximum viewing distances. These portable optical systems will take your hunting experience to the next level.

Pioneer Series

Adventure Starts Here

Vanguard's outdoor packs have been tested and challenged in rigors outdoor conditions. With smart storage solutions, ergonomic design and second-to-none quality and materials these bags promise unfailing support in any adventure.

Support Systems

Steady Your Shot

Steady your shots with Vanguard’s shooting sticks, tripods and bi-pods for your rifle. Set up and shoot in seconds with Vanguard’s industry-leading shooting sticks. No matter if you’re a beginner or an expert, these sticks will have you shooting like a professional.


Solid and Ready to Go to Work

Vanguard’s heavy-duty, airline approved gun cases take the worry out of transporting your weapons, so you can focus on the hunt ahead. Our case series offers secure, hassle-free hard cases with reinforced corners for various firearms. You’ll appreciate the peace of mind that comes with Vanguard cases.


Impressive Performance & Reliability

From gun slings to window mounts, Vanguard has what you need for your hunting equipment. From your favorite tree stand to navigating through rough terrain when it becomes cold, wet and treacherous, you can rely on Vanguard accessories to be there for you.